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Vivencias Empresariales[1]

Invitado Especial: Adam Sietz – Experto que compartirá sus vivencias en apoyar a altos ejecutivos en el desarrollo y presentación de sus conceptos empresariales.  Esta vez, llega a Ponce para ayudarte a desarrollar los tuyos.

Se compartirá lo aprendido en varias vivencias y experiencias empresariales de estudiantes y profesores de la Escuela de Arquitectura durante el 2012.  Compartiremos detalles de cómo puedes participar y vivir las experiencias empresariales programadas para el 2013.  Estudiantes participantes: Jan Bigas, José Cabán, Juan Panelli, Natasha Loyola, José Quintana, Juan Alemán, Norelys Santiago, Jorge Ortiz y los Profesores: Alejandro Excia y Alejandro Mieses.

Te invita, la Escuela de Arquitectura de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico. ¡Te esperamos!

adam sietz


After years in the production world as an award winning writer/producer, Adam Sietz hopped to the other side of the camera and in front of the microphone and became an award winning actor/comedian, speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, loving husband and father of three.

Over the years, he has performed for millions in Academy Award nominated films, Emmy Award winning TV shows and in Tony Nominated Plays on Broadway. As a stand-up and improvisational comedian, he’s made audiences laugh in theaters, clubs and venues on land and sea the world over. Whether creating and producing content for television through his production company Big Hug Productions, writing for corporate leaders, developing children’s theater and television, emceeing or conducting public speaking seminars, workshops and retreats through his other company Improvolutions, he brings his special brand of humor and enthusiasm to every endeavor.

While he has won some fancy awards, signed a few worthless autographs and worked with many the top CEO’s and corporations globally, Adam and his colleagues are taking this new interactive brand of Edutainment on the road to motivate leaders, build team confidence, inject humor, increase focus, strengthen support of each other and deliver take home value.

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