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José Pagán Parés

Faculty_Poster_NAAB_Jose Pagan


Courses Taught:

ARAD 101 Architectural Design Fundamentals I

ARAD 102 Architectural Design Fundamentals II

ARAD 201 Analytical Design Studio 1: Architectural History and Culture

ARSF 101 Architectural Structures I : Statics and Strength

ARAD 302 Experimental Design Studio II: Structural Framework and Assemblages


Education Credentials:

B. Environmental Design, University of Puerto Rico, 2000

M. Arch., Illinois Institute of Technology, 200

M. in Design and Restoration of Architectonic Structures, Polytechnic Univ. of Catalonia, 2006


Teaching Experience:

Teacher Assistant, University of Puerto Rico, 1998-2000

Teacher Assistant, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2001-2002

Instructor, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, 2009-present


Professional  Experience:

Intern- GENSLER -Architects, Chicago, IL, 2002-2003

Architect- SPACES -Architects, San Juan, PR, 2003-2004

Project Architect- Albisu-Pradell Arquitectos SCP, Barcelona, Spain, 2004-2007

Project Architect- Mercé Martinez Martín Arquitecta, Barcelona, Spain, 2004-2008

Project Architect- Fuster+Partners Architects, PSC, San Juan, PR, 2009-2010

Project Architect- SPACES ARCHITECTS, PSC, San Juan, PR, 2010-present



Puerto Rico


Selected Publications/Recent Research:

“Criollo Dream: Re-Configuration of the Urban Landscape of San Juan, Puerto Rico”, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2003

“Structural Analysis of Double Curvature Masonry Vault:  Warehouse Julio Herrera y Obes,      Eladio Dieste”, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, 2006


Professional Membership:

College of Architects and Landscape Architects of Puerto Rico


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