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School of Architecture /  Redimensioning an Urban Cultural Asset

Forteza Building 1926 / Ponce Historic District 
9237 Marina Street, Ponce
Designed in 1926 by Architect Francisco Porrata Doria, the Forteza building is an architectural jewel  within Ponce’s Urban Center. Located in front of the Plaza de las Delicias, just outside the Parque de Bombas landmark, this building was originally designed as a department store. Today Forteza is transformed into Catholic University’s new headquarters for the School of  Architecture.

The new design carried out by Architect Segundo Cardona of SCF, transforms this former commercial space into a learning environment of great spatial quality, design excellence and technological  vanguard. Freshman and sophomore “Studio-Labs” are located on the first floor, with the Library and its’ Reading Garden, the Media-Lab and the Fab-Lab; all these spaces with great visibility of the urban life. On the second floor, you can find third and fourth year workshops, and the Aula Magna;  and located on the third floor are senior workshops, administration and other areas of support. Segundo Cardona’s design integrates an innovative proposal in harmony with the spatial, formal and tectonic contribution of Porrata Doria. Visiting Catholic University’s School of Architecture facilities will be an integrated architectural and design experience.

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