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Minor Degree Specialization and Directed Electives


Responding to our mission of a multi-disciplinary education, the Elective Courses platform combines an internal and external offer geared towards expanding knowledge and completing required Minor Degree requirements within our Bachelor of Architecture curriculum.  These courses are provided by Department and Colleges within the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, and are part of the current institutional offer.

The purpose of the interdepartmental alliances is to promote the transdisciplinary experience of our students and propel the cross-pollination of knowledge, research and applications.  There is also the alternative of pursuing the minor degree with elective courses within the School of Architecture (subject to availability and minimum enrollment of 12 students).  As a graduation requirement for the Bachelor of Architecture, each student must enroll at least three courses from one of the tables below:

Click here to download the Minor Degree Courses of the PCUPR School of Architecture and Design PCUPR School of Architecture and Design RHC 2023

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